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But if you want to learn more about my social media services, let's talk over coffee (or tea!)

Why Work With Me?

Can't decide if you want to work with me? Here's a few more things about me to help you see if I'm the right fit!

>> I've used my own strategies to grow my blog and business

>> As a millennial, I'm a digital native and keep track of new content marketing trends

>> They say if you love something, you'd be willing to do it for free! I've volunteered my services to non-profits and small businesses

>> I'm a side hustler who works in marketing while growing my business, so people actually do pay me for this!

>> I have a degree in Communication and have studied and worked in marketing and social media for 5+ years

>> My process is fun and offers a unique perspective on content creation and social media

>> I'm stay connected to FB messenger, email, and text so I can always be available when you need me most

No need to wait for the perfect time to build your business. Let's get you a clear direction on EXACTLY what you need to do to build the biz of your dreams NOW!