What if you could go from stuck, unfulfilled or unhappy in your career to meeting your full potential and making you biggest career goals happen now?

Imagine how your life would be different if you....

>> Made the salary or wage you actually deserved for your hard work and valuable skill set

>> Had a job that complemented your lifestyle instead of complicating

>> Created new opportunities for yourself by having a resume that brings recruiters to tears

>> Mastered networking so you can leverage your network to land your dream career

>> Felt proud, fulfilled, and appreciated in your role

>> Achieved a work/life balance that allows you to grow your passion project

>> Created engaging content that gravitated your ideal clients to you

You can grow in your career while growing your side hustle!

I want to help you get to the career of your dreams!

My name is Brittney Moffatt and I am the Career and Social Media Stylist who uses social media and branding to land ambitious millennial side hustlers into their lasting dream careers while achieving business goals!

I was where you were. Feeling stuck and unaccomplished because I was at a job I hated. But, I spent time studying strategies to make me a better interviewer, have a fabulous resume, and this lead me to my dream job. My rate doubled, my stress decreased, and I had more time to develop my own business.

You don't have to feel stuck, unfulfilled or unhappy in your career any longer.

Excelling in multiple ventures can be overwhelming, but you don't have to do it alone. Let me get you started today at no risk to you. 


I specialize in content marketing, social media marketing, and career services. My packages are completely customizeable, so we can work together to give you exactly what you for yourself and your business for a fair price.

Social Media Marketing

Account Management

Content Creation

Audience Engagement

Audience Growth

Facebook Group Admin


Content Marketing

Blogs and Articles

Email Campaigns

Marketing Collateral

Sales Pages Copy

Content Strategy

Career Services

Resume Writing

Cover Letter Writing

Career Consulting

Job Searching

Why Work With Me?

Still can't decide if you want to work with me? Here's a few more things about me to help you see if I'm the right fit!

>> I've used my own strategies to get me out of my crappy job and into my dream career

>> As a millennial, I understand the struggles of the modern workforce

>> They say if you love something, you'd be willing to do it for free! I've written resumes and consulted for dozens before I became a coach

>> I'm a side hustler who knows what it's like to want to advance in your career and business at the same time

>> I have a degree in Communication and have studied and worked in marketing and social media for almost a decade

>> My process is fun and offers a unique perspective on career discovery with a fusion of personal branding and social media

>> I'm stay connected to FB messenger, email, and text so I can always be available when you need me most

Stop waiting for the perfect career, or the perfect time to build your business. Let's get you a clear direction on EXACTLY what you need to do to land the job and biz of your dreams!