What if you could go from being unheard, overlooked and undersatisfied in your business to meeting your full potential and making your biggest business goals happen?

Imagine how your life would be different if you....

>> Had clients interested in your services without having to constantly sell to them?

>> Had a business that complemented your lifestyle instead of complicating

>> Created new opportunities for yourself by having a sales pages that brings leads to tears

>> Had a loyal audience who advocated for you and loved all your offers

>> Felt proud, fulfilled, and satisfied as an entrepreneur

>> Achieved influence and credibility in your field

>> Created engaging content that gravitated your ideal clients to you

Sounds like you need to start building your social media presence!

I can help you!

I am the content creator and social media strategist who helps ambitious women entrepreneurs build a thriving social media presence!

With over five years of studying and experience in marketing, I specialize in content marketing including social media management and blogging.

I work with ambitious women entrepreneurs who want to provide value and make an impact in their field!


Are you ready to make an impact? Let's do it together! Schedule a free call at no risk to you to see if we're a good fit.


I specialize in content marketing including social media management and blogging. I have three signature packages to help with your content needs. Each package includes 2 strategy calls a month plus email and Facebook messenger support.

 Monthly packages must have a 3 month commitment. There is an option to add-on services for 50% the normal rate (seen below).

Investment - $500 / Month

Investment - $1000 / Month

Investment - $1500 / Month

Additional Services and Add-ons

1 hour Strategy Call - $100

Account Management (Strategy, Content Creation, 5 posts a week) – $500/per account/per month

Account Engagement (Commenting for and as you) -$100/per account

Account Creation (Fully optimized with Copy) – $150/per account

Facebook Group Admin (1 Post a week, Moderation, Engagement) – $300/month

Blogs/Articles (SEO and thoroughly researched) – $100/per article

Website Copy (Landing page, sales page, about page) - $150 per page

Email Campaigns - $150 per email

Why Work With Me?

Still can't decide if you want to work with me? Here's a few more things about me to help you see if I'm the right fit!

>> I've used my own strategies to grow my blog and business

>> As a millennial, I'm a digital native and keep track of new content marketing trends

>> They say if you love something, you'd be willing to do it for free! I've volunteered my services to non-profits and small businesses

>> I'm a side hustler who works in marketing while growing my business, so people actually do pay me for this!

>> I have a degree in Communication and have studied and worked in marketing and social media for 5+ years

>> My process is fun and offers a unique perspective on content creation and social media

>> I'm stay connected to FB messenger, email, and text so I can always be available when you need me most

No need to wait for the perfect time to build your business. Let's get you a clear direction on EXACTLY what you need to do to build the biz of your dreams NOW!